Bosco Sodi
There will be light
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig

September 8  – October 27, 2018   


"This exhibition is about duality. It is a body of work that talks of the opposite universal notions as matter and spirit, life and death, good and evil. The continued fight in life, this eternal struggle, that follows us during  our entire lives. Good (White) has always been identified as a comparison to life, with the spirits. On the opposite side, evil (Black) has always been identified as a comparison to darkness, with the corporal part. The Yin and Yang, duality that exists in the entire universe. The balance between positive and negative.  

My thoughts on this topic have been visiting me constantly after the death of someone that I love, my grandmother Mima. I began to think a lot about life and death, about aging. I though about the joy of life and it’s sad moments. This exhibition, this show, is about this very duality. About these opposite universal forces that have been fighting since the beginnings of life."
Bosco Sodi

The elements and process play an essential role in the work of the artist Bosco Sodi. He combines natural materials like wood, clay, stone, and sawdust and develops them through natural processes to create the final products. 


Seemingly minimalistic at first sight, his works are created by defined circumstances for each piece through the handling and treatment of their respective materials; they are only completed through a manipulation influenced by their environments. The drying and burning processes leave their marks on the surface and dominate the works.