Artists of the Gallery
Exhibition view
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig



Artists of the Gallery
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig
10.04.2010 - 18.04.2010

Akos Birkas,
Birgit Brenner,
Martin Eder,
Tim Eitel,
Nina Fischer/Maroan el Sani,
Stella Hamberg,
Christine Hill,
Joerg Herold,
Uwe Kowski,
Rémy Markowitsch,
Maix Mayer,
Carsten Nicolai,
Olaf Nicolai,
Neo Rauch,
Ricarda Roggan,
Yehudit Sasportas,
David Schnell,
Annelies Strba,
Matthias Weischer.



We are pleased to announce that the gallery spaces in Berlin and Leipzig, as well as the EIGEN + ART Lab, are open for you in compliance with the protective measures.
You no longer need a negative rapid test/proof of vaccination to visit the gallery in Berlin and Leipzig.
However, as we are still obliged to collect your contact details, we would like to invite you to use the LUCA app. Alternatively, contact information can be provided in writing at the gallery. We are looking forward to your visit!