Birgit Brenner, Stef Heidhues, Christine Hill, Maix Mayer, Lada Nakonechna
Reclaiming Space
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin
June 30 - September 3, 2022

SPACE is the longest key on the computer keyboard. It is probably also the one that is used most often. And yet, it is outweighed by the many small individual letters, numbers and characters that always take on a different role or create a different meaning depending on the way they are used. As for the SPACE key, it seems that it always serves the same purpose: to create space, a gap that separates one word from another. Beyond that, however, it can also be used to erase–if the corresponding area is marked and thus on trial–and can therefore open up space for new beginnings in a far more radical way.

At a time when the democratic world order has begun to falter and autocratic currents are once again threatening individual freedom, it is important to free up spaces in which one's own issues are given justification. These spaces can be political, idealistic or creative in nature–we need them to survive. The title of the exhibition is an appeal to claim and reclaim these spaces.

The artists gathered here illuminate the theme of space from different perspectives and their works enter into a dialogue with each other; importantly, they function both in interaction and independently. Building on this dual concept, a curated reference library is located in the entrance area, covering a range of different topics, spanning a broad associative network intended to stimulate reflection on the role of space in our time.