#7, Kunst:Stück Podcast - Interview with Stef Heidhues, 2023
Stef Heidhues Podcast Audio

Listen to the interview with Stef Heidhues and Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement for episode 7 of the culture podcast Kunst:Stück.

Be curious about her brand new catalogue, toxic pea green, the art in the garden of the Adenauer Villa and why you shouldn't touch art in a gallery.

The podcast is about 34 min and in German.
Cover image: Kerstin Müller
Please find more information on the EHF 2010 scholar ship program here

The new catalogue as well as art works by Stef Heidhues can be discovered on our website !

Filmstill, Alva Noto, Elbphilharmonie LIVE, 2023
Alva Noto: Xerrox Selected, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg LIVE Video, Audio

Behind the pseudonym Alva Noto is the visual artist, composer and musician Carsten Nicolai. In the Elbphilharmonie he performed together with the stargaze Ensemble and André de Ridder.

Alva Noto's music begins quietly, gradually creating soundscapes that build up into monumental towers. Not surprisingly, Noto collaborated with Ryūichi Sakamoto to produce the music for the Oscar-winning feature film "The Revenant" - a slow succession of tense string chords, as bleak and cold as an icy desert. The soundtrack put him definitively at the center of international musical attention.

Live electronics: Carsten Nicolai
Stargaze Ensemble
Conductor: André de Ridder
Video production: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Please find more about the project here

Titus Schade, Umland, Filmstill
Titus Schade Video

Enjoy the interview and personal tour by Titus Schade through his solo exhibition Umland, 2021 at our gallery in Berlin. You will get inspiring insights into his studio and painting process.

The protagonists in Titus Schade’s disconcerting and refreshingly bewildering paintings are architectures that seem like stage sets presented like props on shelves resembling typesetting cases, on tables, or in deserted, bleak landscapes and as motifs on Delft tiles.

Excerpt from the text by Turit Fröbe

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You will find more information and works by the artist on our website: www.eigen-art.com.

Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
Music: „Last Light“ by Xylo-Ziko
German with English and Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Jörg Herold, Beiwerk, 1985
Jörg Herold, Beiwerk Video

Dive with us into Leipzig back in 1985, by watching this historic art film Beiwerk on the topic of work by Jörg Herold.

This film documents an action in a closed room in which "employees" had planned to re-enact a working day. The task is to clean and whitewash an empty factory building in Leipzig during 8 hours, as well as to take a break with a cultural programme. For all protagonists was a ban on talking. All in all, a pointless and exhausting activity that surrounded the heroic aura that justifies the term "work". However, the ban on speaking was avoided through gestural and onomatopoeic communication. Instead of subjecting oneself to the effort of mindless work, one immediately began to let the creative imagination run its course and to create a kind of common environment. The aim was not to rebel against the ban alone, but to go behind it and ultimately leave it to itself. The raising of the white flags ended the action.

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Jörg Herold
Beiwerk, 1985
Super 8, Black and White
8:40 min
Edition of 12
courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Concept: Jörg Herold
Actors: Gerd Harry Lybke, Jörg Herold, Frank Behrend, Götz Lehmann, Torsten Schilling, Jan Raue,Thomas Krüger
Camera: Uwe Walter

Filmstill, Kunsthändler, 2017, arte / radiobremen
40 years EIGEN + ART / Kunsthändler, 2017 Video

This great documentary from 2017 captures not just an interview with Gerd Harry Lybke (aka Judy) on his journey between Venice, Paris, Berlin and Leipzig but also interviews with artists like Neo Rauch, Marc Desgrandchamps or Ulrike Theusner.

Also get an impression of the exhibitions by Neo Rauch at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin or Mirjam Völker at Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig in 2017. And much more....

Kunsthändler, 2017, arte / radiobremen
Film by: Grit Lederer
ca. 26 min
Documentary in a series with Larry Gagosian, Paul Cassirer by arte / radiobremen
German, no subtitles

Filmstill, Lebensbilder, 1994, mdr
40 years EIGEN + ART / Lebensbilder, 1994 Video

Join us for this 29 min documentary with a 33 years old Gerd Harry Lybke (aka Judy) to all the great art fairs and exhibitions from 1991 to 1994.

Here you will not just see our booths at Art Cologne or Art Basel but also great interviews with artists we used to work with from the start, like e.g. Carsten Nicolai.

Lebensbilder, 1994, mdr
Documentary by Ulla Martinson and Jürgen Ast
ca. 29 min
German, no subtitle

Filmstill, Brett Charles Seiler, Riding In Cars With Boys, 2023
Brett Charles Seiler Video

In this video you will get great insight into the studio and working process of Brett Charles Seiler. Learn about his inspirations, materials and message.

Riding In Cars With Boys is the first solo exhibition of the South African artist in Europe. In the program of Galerie EIGEN + ART since 2021, Brett Charles Seiler lives and works in Cape Town, where he graduated from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015. Seiler's work has elements of painting, drawing, installation and object art, the use of text and language also plays a major role. Sometimes poetic, nostalgic or romantic, it is an integral part of his art or stands on its own as a work as well. In his paintings, the space is indeterminate, the figures are not located and are sketchily fleeting, the writing elements spontaneous.

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
English. With German subtitle.

For the version with Chinese subtitle please go to our account at Vimeo here.

Filmstill, Group exhibition, 2023
4 x 4 // EIGEN + ART Lab Video

Welcome to 4 x 4, the group exhibition at EIGEN + ART Lab presenting four artistic positions from South Africa. Enjoy the tour through the show and universe of Githan Coopoo, Asemahle Ntlonti, Natalie Paneng and Guy Simpson.

Through their art, these artists bring to you their views of life. Take your time. At first, they may seem soothing. Though the second, the third or the fourth view could also be uncomfortable. But it will be fun, too, promise. Let the meet and greet begin!

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Camera + Editing: Paul Ott
Music: Nosmo King - Im Hier und Jazz

Filmstill, Raul Walch, Squatting The Ruins of Utopia, 2023
Raul Walch Video

Exclusive Trailer: Enjoy this very special insight into the new video work Squatting The Ruins of Utopia by Raul Walch.

In his current solo exhibition NOTOPIA Raul Walch (*1980, lives and works in Berlin) features a new film following multiple characters dressed in Walch's characteristic costumes. Reimagined as a sculpture, the outfits contrast the otherwise dominant atmosphere of elegance and reduction. In the basement, the artist shows the video work Squatting the Ruins of Utopia. In the video, we again encounter five cloaked figures. The futuristic-fantastic symbol-bearers take us to inhospitable sites: the destroyed landscape of a forest burned to charcoal; the architectural non-site of a bloodless office building ensemble in rasterized crenelated architecture; a soulless, artificial tropical paradise; and the towering material mountains of a recycling center. These are the sites of an imagined dystopian future.

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Trailer (1:30 min) of the new film by Raul Walch:
Raul Walch
Squatting the Ruins of Utopia, 2023
Video, 11:10 min, loop
Edition of 3
courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Filmstill, Melora Kuhn, Studio visit, 2022
Melora Kuhn Video

In this video you will get great insight into the studio and working process of Melora Kuhn. Join us on a journey to upstate New York and learn about the her inspirations, transformation as an artist and on defining success.

The works of Melora Kuhn (*1971 in Boston, lives and works in New York) are a constant observation of people's experiences with themselves and with society. Kuhn makes use of the pictorial language of mythologies and history, in particular the pictorial forms of 19th-century American art history, from which she isolates individual pictures and places them in a new context.

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Produced by Artrepreneur
Host: Richard T. Scott
English, no subtitle

Filmstill, Kai Schiemenz, SCHURF, Rheda, 2022
Kai Schiemenz Video

"Sculptures set in space can create a meeting beyond reflection." (Kai Schiemenz)
In November 2022 sculptures by Kai Schiemenz have been on display in his great solo exhibition SCHURF at Orangery Schloss Rheda. Enjoy this unique insight from the idea and mock up to the final show!

Kai Schiemenz's glass sculptures are often intensely colored and usually soar into the air. They absorb and reflect light coming from outside, giving the impression of glowing from within.

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Film & Edit: cinema copains
Photos: Kai Schiemenz
Camera: Minze Tummescheit
Video and sound design: Arne Hector
Curator of the exhibition: M. Körkemeier
German, no subtitle

Photo: Enrico Meyer / © Claudia Linzel
Judy Lybke Audio

Listen to a talk with Gerd Harry Lybke in an episode of the podcast “Die Leichtigkeit der Kunst” by Claudia Linzel. Here you will get some insights, anecdotes and behind the scenes stories of Galerie EIGEN + ART.

Starting his career based in Leipzig / Saxony long before the wall came down, originally with the dream of becoming an astronaut or actor, his path lead Lybke to be an nude model at the famous art school Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and the story began…

The podcast is in German. You will find a transcript in English as PDF here.

Filmstill, Mirjam Völker, Aus heiterem Himmel, Berlin, 2022
Mirjam Völker Video

Enjoy this interview and video tour with Mirjam Völker through her exhibition Aus heiterem Himmel at our gallery in Berlin!

Mirjam Völker works with paint, but she thinks three-dimensionally. In her large-format paintings, she creates scenarios that are almost photographically illuminated and situated between worlds in a reality peculiar to her pictures. In this reality, natural components and housing built by humans work together and against each other; this realm has its own laws of gravity and light, perspective and spatiality, reality and fantasy.
(Excerpt text by Leonie Pfennig)

Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
German. With English and Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Louisa Clement, Casino Luxembourg, 2022
Louisa Clement Video

In this interview with Louisa Clement from Casino Luxembourg you will get great insight into her show Repräsentantinnen (representatives), which was on view May to November, 2022.

For the show, Casino Luxembourg is hosting two of Louisa Clement’s works from the Repräsentantinnen series. During their extended stay “in residency,” the Repräsentantinnen (representatives) will inhabit various spaces of the art centre, such as the “Aquarium,” the entrance hall or the InfoLab, and will continuously develop through their exchanges with the exhibition visitors. The Repräsentantinnen are lifelike dolls—so-called “Real Dolls”—that are a replica of the artist herself. To this end, the German artist worked with a Chinese company that specializes in the production of sex dolls. The artist’s skin tone and texture have been imitated by means of innovative technological processes such as body scans, microphotography and cinematic movement studies. Moreover, the Repräsentantinnen are able, as far as is technically possible, to imitate human facial expressions.
(Excerpt press text)

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Production: Casino Luxembourg
Camera/montage: SKIN
In the context of the exhibition Louisa Clement Repräsentantinnen (representatives), 2022

Filmstill, Nicola Samorì, MONO, Leipzig 2022
Nicola Samorì Video

For this interview, we visited Nicola Samorì in his studio in Italy and got a guided tour through the exhibition MONO at our gallery in Leipzig.

Nicola Samorì's new series of sculptures, Mono, uses a sphinx done in 13th century by Pasquale Romano as an antecedent. This medieval sphinx sparked the artist’s desire for a reinterpretation: from the absolute, hieratic frontality of Egyptian sphinxes to a decisive twist, representing the maximum possible twisting of a head turning back to narrow the field of view to its own body.

You will also learn more about the inspiration of the artist for the large wall work Campo dei miracoli and his paintings on marble. Enjoy!

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
Italian. With English and Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Ryan Mosley, Upon Peaceable Land, 2022
Ryan Mosley Video

Enjoy this video tour of the great solo exhibition Upon Peaceable Land by Ryan Mosley at our gallery in Leipzig!

In this show the artist reflects on his protagonists' travels and paths. The situations in which these protagonists find themselves are not always unfettered by ambivalences. The paintings often have an uncanny aspect, yet they are embedded in a soothing magical, fantastic world.
"The Peacable Land is a kind of journey, where are these characters coming from and where are they going to?" (Ryan Mosley)

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
English with German and Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Lőrinc Borsos, FEAR NOT..., EIGEN + ART Lab, 2022
Lőrinc Borsos Video

Follow us with this video into the universe of the artist-duo Lőrinc Borsos and their exhibition "FEAR NOT THE HEAT AHEAD, IT'S THE FIRE THAT FOLLOWS" at EIGEN + ART Lab Berlin.

"The Lőrinc Borsos duo’s key area of focus is researching the constructed nature of artist identities. Their question, asked through a range of media, methods and motifs, is how art can become a programmable composite entity. In their case, hybridity – as a concept of multiplicity and iterability – relates critically to tendencies which are committed to maintaining the artist-artwork-oeuvre triad as an organic unity. Borsos Lőrinc create at once a private mythology and a critique of mythology in general. (…)"
Mário Nemes Z.

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Film & Edit: Paul Ott
Music: Mike Nylons : Zip Elod Janky, ENEME III

Filmstill, Kristina Schuldt, BEBEN, 2022
Kristina Schuldt Video

In this interview, Kristina Schuldt is giving significant insight into her exhibition BEBEN at our gallery in Leipzig.

"The common ground in the exhibition is an awakening, this tremor - as the titles says - makes you wake up to reality.“ (Kristina Schuldt)

Kristina Schuldt (*1982 in Moscow) lives and works in Leipzig and is one of the major female painters. Her work embodies influences from Post-Impressionism, Cubism and late Futurism. In her desire to break away from conventional methods of painting and the amenities of representational art, Schuldt discards classical rules of perspective, color and composition to encompass her own visions, while realizing a unique aesthetic with geometric shapes and new forms of abstraction.

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
German with English and Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Lada Nakonechna, Switch on red, 2015
Lada Nakonechna Video

"This feeling of catastrophe for me has something to do with a deep sense of loneliness. This is when something is happening to you and you don’t know how to deal with it, and you don’t have any tools and you cannot relate it to any discourse or story that might help you with this situation."
(Lada Nakonechna)

The video Switch on red by Lada Nakonechna (*1981, lives and works in Kiev) is an art work from 2015, in which the artist is holding a cloth in front of the camera, giving stage directions in Russian at the same time. At the bottom of the image, you can see the menu bar of a remote control, as if someone is constantly playing with the color slider. The cloth is first red, like in a bullfight, then the color changes to orange, green or gray.
For Lada Nakonechna it is a symbol of the changes in political systems and also the manipulations from the outside. The cloth also could be a flag, the colors those of the various revolutions or parties – that is open to interpretation.

Find more information about the artist on our website.

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Lada Nakonechna
Switch on red, 2015
3:02 min
Edition of 5
courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Filmstill, Lada Nakonechna, Studium des Menschen, 2022
Lada Nakonechna Video

"The exhibition was set up before Russia invaded the whole of Ukraine. “But for me, for us,” says the artist, “the war has been here for eight years.” Learn more about Lada Nakonechna, her art and "Studium des Menschen" at our gallery in Leipzig.

This long-planned project of the Ukrainian artist is already the 6th solo exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART since the first cooperation in 2012.

The materials used for the objects – paper mâché and metal – are extremely divergent in terms of haptics, weight, and stability. The knee shapes connect with the tubes, or the tubes penetrate the shapes. Coolly illuminated, they appear quite different from the models from which the artist molded them: simultaneously elemental and extremely vulnerable and precarious."
(Text excerpt by Carolline Krahl)

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
English with German subtitles

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