Stella Hamberg | großer Schatten | 2015 Privatsammlung Köln | Foto: Mick Vincenz
Stella Hamberg Video

Exhibition tour with artist Stella Hamberg and Jutta Mattern (Curator of Contemporary Art, Arp Museum)

on occasion of the solo show STELLA HAMBERG - Corpus at Arp Museum Rolandseck, which is on view until February 27, 2022.

Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks) Music: Gillian Wood (composition/ cello / piano/ 808)
Tim Eitel Video

“Art is the opposite of general ideas, it describes individuals, desires only the unique. It does not classify, it unclassifies.”
Marcel Schwob, Imaginary Lives, 1896

And yet this second chapter in Eitel’s collection of imaginary lives—staged three years after the first at the same gallery—achieves a marked coming-together, more in the style of Éric Rohmer, and a new proximity between protagonists. In these recent paintings, a sense of touch comes to the fore, an attention for others. A beard is being trimmed, a private physiotherapy session conducted on a bed, a neighborly couple observe us across the landing. The scenes are derived from the fabric of everyday life and at first seem perfectly innocuous. Yet the attitudes, the gestures, the glances of the figures bear witness to a concern that speaks to the sheer necessity of being together. In the heart of the pandemic, which has seen social bonds become a scarce commodity, Tim Eitel chooses to focus on everything that points implicitly to the importance of human contact. If some fields of monochrome still appear, they underline the tightening, narrowing points of view. The bands of color can be interpreted as doorways, yet they always remain on the threshold of an abstraction continuing to haunt these scenes of human interrelations.

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Video still, Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks) Music by Martin Eder, „ENCHIRIDION“, „Music for Rituals“, 2017 MUDAM Vinyl
Martin Eder Video

"Phantasma can also be the result of the daydream for example, like you sit there on a park bench, you suddenly have an idea and out of this idea you develop a whole book, a movie or a painting." Martin Eder

In his new cycle of works “Phantasma,” Martin Eder introduces combinations of possible and unreal worlds whose origins lie in the depths of his subconscious. Their incorporation in the Eder cosmos’ symbolic order of intimate spaces, inhabited by chimeras, shadows, and after-images, brings Dante’s infernal scenarios to mind.

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Malte Bartsch, Investment, Exhibition view, EIGEN + ART Lab, 2021
Malte Bartsch Video

In May 2021 Malte Bartsch had his first solo exhibition at EIGEN + ART Lab.

In the exhibition "Investment", there were four groups of works: "Risk Averse", "Agave", "Rakete" and "Schneehaus". In the video Malte Bartsch tals about his works and the show.

Video still, Film & Edit: Matthias Maercks Music: kidkanevil (Gerard Roberts)
Tom Anholt Video

"Close to Home is a phrase which of course simultaneously means things that are very close to us, that are physically close to us, but its also something that is kind of painfully personal." Tom Anholt

In his exhibition Close to Home at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, Tom Anholt explores nothing less than the very essence of human existence. His latest works mostly feature immediate family members, through which the artist probes himself and in the process involves us, the viewers, in a refreshing way.

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Cornelia Baltes, Eigenbrötler, Exhibition view, EIGEN + ART Lab, 2021
Cornelia Baltes Video

In her exhibition Eigenbrötler at EIGEN + ART Lab, Cornelia
Baltes' works develop their very own presence in a partly humorously created pictorial world.

(...) The painterly gestures are so exuberant and large that they sometimes leave the canvas to land on the walls. The forms she designs are expansive and generous. Indeed, Cornelia Baltes' work is characterized by a generosity that is displayed in the depth of the colors, but also in the size of the pictures. Her pictures reject every renunciation and negate everything that smacks of modesty imploring to be seen as understatement. It is a lusty, ruthless way to deal with color and form, and it gives the viewer a calming satisfaction. Sometimes one can read a face into the forms, sometimes recognize an arm or a leg. The idea of corporeality is no coincidence: Baltes usually works with vertically oriented canvases that, if one consistently follows the narrative of the motifs, spur one to think of very boxy people. And so her pictures radiate their very own bodily presence; if they were really people, one would gladly go out with them for a drink. (...)

Laura Helena Wurth

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Martin Groß, catalogue
Martin Groß Instagram

Martin Groß' first exhibition catalogue, published on occasion of his last solo show Inside a Screensaver at Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig.

We're so exited about Martin Groß' first exhibition catalogue, published on occasion of his last solo show Inside a Screensaver at our Leipzig gallery. With a poem by Jonathan Powell and a marvellous text by Anka Ziefer, graphic design by Albrecht Gaebel.

Video still, Filmed & Edited by Matthias Maercks Music: Performed by Hardcore Raver in Tears; Written by Martin Groß and Hardcore Raver in Tears
Martin Groß Video

Inside a Screensaver is Martin Groß' first solo exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART

Martin Groß' exhibition is designed as a large room installation like the most exhibitions he does before, like at Kunsthalle Rostock or Kunstraum Potsdam. In the Leipzig gallery a wall piece with the words “Is it still Raining” stretches across three gallery walls, illuminated by suspended neon tubes and combined with oilstick paintings. Martin Groß combines elements from language, text, drawing and painting. Cultural influences from music or literature overlap with those from urban space and what it encounters on a daily basis. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue, in this an essay by Anka Ziefer.

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Video still, Filmed & Edited by Matthias Maercks Music: Written and produced by kidkanevil (G. Roberts)
Stef Heidhues Video

Stef Heidhues' exhibition Backstage with the Modern Dancers shown at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

“This is no game. Here there is no interlude. To disillusion you, we don’t need illusion. We don’t play fate. We don’t play any dreams. We don’t play out any plot.”

What Peter Handke introduced in 1966 in his stage play “Offending the Audience” applied equally for the space behind the stage: the backstage area. Here, too, there is no game. There is no alienation effect, no acting-as-if, no public realm. In the backstage area, the roles are abandoned. This area is more honest, more authentic, maybe somewhat dirtier and at the same time more exclusive. For her exhibition, Stef Heidhues chose the title Backstage with the Modern Dancers. (...)

Larissa Kikol

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Artist Talk, I Love Women in Art
Birgit Brenner Instagram

Artist Talk with Birgit Brenner, Susanne Pfleger, Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy and Elke Hannemann

I Love Women in Art is the title of the book, published by Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy. The two artists asked 100 women working in the art world in Germany to present one work of art by their chosen artist. Elke Hannemann was one of them and chose artist Birgit Brenner. The book presents a network of great female artists and women working in culture in Germany, which hopefully helps to counteract the underrepresentation of women in art. The talk between Birgit Brenner, Susanne Pfleger (Director Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg), Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy (artists and publishers) and Elke Hannemann (Director Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig) looks on the experience of each of the five women in art.

Video still, Filmed & Edited by Otto Felber
Maja Behrmann Video

Maja Behrmann, a young Leipzig artist, gives an insight into her first solo show, which took place at EIGEN + ART Lab

In the video, the artist gives an insight into the approach to her artistic work and into her exhibition cut, cut, collab. She also tells what role plays space in her sculptural work and why she is so fascinated about woodcut.

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Birgit Brenner, photo: Otto Felber
Birgit Brenner Tagesspiegel

Bilder in die Welt werfen
Birgit Rieger's portrait about Birgit Brenner, published at Tagesspiegel

"Noch 100 Sekunden bis Mitternacht? Das klingt wie ein Silvestercountdown. Die Tänzerinnen und Tänzer, die Arme und Beine zu klickendem Elektrosound bewegen, sehen aber nicht wie Partypeople aus. Von Euphorie keine Spur. An Ellenbogen und Wangen tragen sie rote Striche, die wie Fäden von Marionetten wirken. Die ferngesteuerten Teenies in Birgit Brenners Kurzfilm „Hundred Seconds to Midnight“ gleichen ferngesteuerten Traumtänzern, die von der Welt nicht wissen. Oder besser: nichts wissen wollen." The article is written in German.

video still, Filmed & Edited by Otto Felber
Birgit Brenner Video

Artist Talk: Elke Hannemann in conversation with Birgit Brenner

Elke Hannemann, director of the EIGEN + ART Leipzig gallery, talks to Birgit Brenner about her exhibition and the same named video work Final Call. In the work, which the artist did during her stay at Villa Massimo in 2020, Brenner addresses the grave social consequences of the alienation of today's homo sapiens and the rapidly accelerating destruction of the world.

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© Alexander Obst / Marion Schmieding, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Ulrike Knöfel spoke with Olaf Nicolai about his Kunst am Bau project Gadget at the Berlin Airport BER

Ulrike Knöfel talks to Olaf Nicolai about his work Gadget, which is on view at the new Berlin airport BER since November 2020 at Terminal 1. The project started in 2012 and Olaf Nicolai speaks about how things went in the years of delayed opening phases and how the idea came to create a work that loops around the passenger boarding bridge like an oversized and light string of pearls. The interview is in German.

Raul Walch, No One To Follow, Video still
Raul Walch Video

Raul Walch's video work No One To Follow

(...) Much of Walch's practice is set against nature or urbanity that finds itself in a critical stage of transition. Like most of the materials used by Walch in his practice, individual elements that make up the artworks are repurposed—every object has breathed in open air outside of the white cube in some way. As such, the show charts out a line between two environmental polarities—at sea level, a coal mining factory in Lausitz and, 3,800 meters above and farther south, the glaciers of South Tyrol. In a short looping film called No One To Follow, the artist plots his way across these two disparate places: one, a site of "excellent" nature and, at the other, a site of resource-extraction and overt destruction. While the glacier appears to exemplify natural beauty, the sun is beaming down; to protect it from melting, a thick wooly fleece is draped across kilometers of ice. (...)

Kate Brown

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Photo © video still, Raul Walch unfollow, Filmed & Edited by Matthias Maercks, Audio: Tim Tim
Raul Walch Video

An insight to Raul Walch's exhibition unfollow at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

(...) For this recent body of work in the exhibition unfollow, Walch introduces elements from his recent travels in Europe into distinct works that hang together in what the artist has described as a multiverse. Like the show's title, the exhibition is punctuated throughout by what seems like imperatives, as language inserts itself with bright colors into what are otherwise abstract bodies of work. Screen-printed works on paper call out "Steal This Flag" or "Leave It Underground", but, in the end, they are purely poetic. There is no obvious reaction to be beckoned from the viewer beyond contemplative awareness. The utopian, post-nation-state, or climate-driven dreams are given a place of permanence in that thought-space as they are pressed down in ink. (...)

Kate Brown

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Carsten Nicolai Youtube

alva noto . Hadron Prototype .
A L’ARME! Festival 2020

A L’ARME! Festival 2020
December 11 – 13, 2020
Silent Green, Berlin

Video still, Neo Rauch, Der Beifang, Gutshaus Steglitz
Neo Rauch Youtube

Neo Rauch´s show Der Beifang at Gutshaus Steglitz is on view until 26 September 2021

The video gives a small insight into the currrent exhibition. Arround 40 works on paper are presented, created after 2000, many of them in the 2010s. The mostly large-format pictures come from the painter's private collection.

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© photo: Christian Rothe | © video: mdr Kultur
Ulrike Theusner Video

Ulrike Theusner in mdr Kultur: "Ein Atelierbesuch bei..."

Ulrike Theusner has opened the doors to her studio in Weimar for mdr Kultur and gives the viewer an insight into her very personal and intimate place of work. The video is in German.