Filmstill, Ulrike Theusner, Mahagonny, Leipzig, 2023
Ulrike Theusner Video

In this interview, Ulrike Theusner is taking you with her to Mahagonny. Enjoy!

Mahagonny – that’s the city of unbridled hedonism invented by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, where having no money is a crime punished by death. Ulrike Theusner has turned her years of interest in Mahagonny into her current exhibition. She conceived an oversized fictional studio wall on which she has pinned pastels and drawing, prints, and photographs, all shreds of memories of her life between Europe and the United States.
"All images are of course always closely related to my current emotional state, to my experience, to life itself. You can't put it into words very well, but if something is transferred, then I've definitely achieved what I wanted, which is to transport something and to touch the emotional level of the viewer. That's what art is for."

Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
Music: Elisa Demonki
German with English subtitles

Filmstill, David Schnell, stereo, Leipzig 2021
David Schnell Video

Throwback: Join us for a tour through Schnell's exhibition in Leipzig 2021. We associate the resounding word S T E R E O with the world of sound and music. The letters are spaced out on the amplifier of the audio system, and the lowering of the needle on the record starts a crackle; a short wait, and then, the instruments and sounds coming from the left and right open up a space.

The pleasure of listening to music on a good stereo system has a lot to do with looking at David Schnell’s pictures. The quality of the stereo system plays an important role here, because a high-quality system makes the details that play the space ring out properly.

Excerpt from a text by Katharina Immekus, September 2021

Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
Music by Kilchhofer, Leng, from The Book Room

Filmstill, Carsten Nicolai "unicolor" at LUX 2023
Carsten Nicolai Video

Carsten Nicolai’s artistic output has taken many forms over the past three decades. His 2014 piece unicolor – showing at LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art, a new exhibition co-curated by Fact and SUUM Project in 2023 – is one of the artist’s most immersive works.

In this film, Nicolai talks to Fact about the ideas behind unicolor and how the musical experimentation in Berlin that followed the fall of the wall in 1989 kickstarted an ongoing career of artistic innovation. You will see the installation unfolding against a long projection wall with two mirror walls on each side, creating the impression of extending into infinity.

Presented at LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art at London’s 180 Studios and SUUM X, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul until December 2023.

Produced by LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art / Fact 180

Filmstill, Interview Louisa Clement, Human Error 2023 / NDR
Louisa Clement Video

In this Interview, the German artist Louisa Clement is giving you striking insight into her solo show Human Error at Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum in Bremen. Asking the question: What is the meaning of identitiy in the digital era?

The question of identity has always been essential for artists. The art of Louisa Clement (*1987, Bonn) is also based on herself, but goes even further. She focuses on how it will develop in the future and explores ways of transformation.

Louisa Clement
Human Error
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen
September 2, 2023 – January 21, 2024

NDR exhibition feature / mediatheque
German, no subtitles

Installation view, Oh Sega Sunset by Martin Gross, Seoul 2023
Martin Gross Video

Have a look at this exclusive installation video of the work Oh Sega Sunset by Martin Gross. The work is part of his first solo exhibition Dream File in Korea from July 21 to September 16, 2023.

The show consists of 12 new drawings, 2 site-specific animation video works, and this large-scale animated video, presenting a survey of Martin Gross’ artistic world where the artist creatively perceives various forms of information such as images, symbols, and sounds, and reconstructs them on an infinitely expanding screen.

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Martin Gross
Oh Sega Sunset, 2023
animation and audio
5:38 min
Dimension variable
Site specific installation view, Music by @leibinz_hundert

Filmstill, Natalie Paneng, Maze, Leipzig 2023
Natalie Paneng Video

Enjoy this special view into the solo presentation Maze by Natalie Paneng at our gallery in Leipzig and get to know this great new position better. Follow us in this video through the 3 different levels of the show and in to the "rabbit hole".

With her practice, multidisciplinary South African artist Natalie Paneng remakes herself in digital spheres — detaching her body from its restraints and scrambling it up in ecstasy — for her, play is an always-present friend and the internet is her limitless playground.

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Camera and Editing: Paul Ott
Music: Natalie Paneng – Chess Is A Dance
Volker Rachow – Minden Piano
DD XII – Konzoom
English with German subtitles

Filmstill, Mixed Media, group show, 2023
Mixed Media / Group show Video

Mixed Media presents four great artistic positions from Leipzig, Berlin and Capetown that have caught our attention. Some of the artists we have exhibited before, others are being shown for the first time. Now together, these four very individual positions each respond to our present in their own unique way.

On show are works by Malte Bartsch, Gabrielle Kruger, Maria Schumacher and Hanna Stiegeler. The works on display are as diverse as the artists' points of view and signatures: LED and light works, acrylic foliage, painting, linoleum and screen prints, and aluminium agave trees.
Enjoy this video tour through the show and get a close look at the artworks and their striking techniques!

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Camera & Editing: Paul Ott
Music: DD I – Sardelle Kiwi

Filmstill, Be Water, group show, 2023
Be Water / Group show Video

Be Water presents four exciting positions from East Asia: JE Yeoran (1960), LI Qing (1981), Tatsuma TAKEDA (1988), and ZHANG XU Zhan (1988).

With a variety of different media and against the background of different cultural contexts, the four artists span a wide net of aesthetic and thematic interpretations of the theme of water as paradox. Immerse yourself in the various ways in which water is approached in Eastern and Western philosophies, and it becomes clear that this element is of vital importance to the collective perception of humankind. No wonder that artists from all eras and all parts of the world have always been drawn to the theme of water. It is the element from which our ancestors emerged millions of years ago and from which we still emerge today when we leave the womb. Like blood, it is a connecting thread that is the same for all human beings, regardless of their origin.
For more than 15 years we have been successfully showing the artists of the Galerie EIGEN + ART in Asia. We are very happy to be able to continuously enable the fantastic exchange again and again.

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Camera & Editing: Paul Ott
Music: DD XXII – Komplete

Installation View, AT5 - Animal Story by ZHANG XU Zhan, Berlin 2023
ZHANG XU Zhan - from the group show "Be Water" Video

Have an exclusive look ino the stop motion film AT 5 Animal Story by Zhang Xu Zhan, currently on view in the group show Be Water at our gallery in Berlin.

Born in 1988 into a paper-crafting family in Sinjhuang (Taipei), Taiwan, Zhang Xu Zhan has gained international acclaim for his intricate papier-mâché figures and haunting stop-motion films. Through the artist‘s expert use of hand-drawn animation, puppetry and digital imagery, we witness the seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques. This synergy creates a visual language that transports us to a world that is at once apocalyptic and fairy-tale like.

For the exhibition Be Water, the gallery has brought together four artists from East Asia: Zhang Xu Zhan (Taiwan), Je Yeoran (Korea), Li Qing (China), and Tatsuma Takeda (Japan).

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"AT5" Animal Story, 2020
7 mins, Single channel animated video installation, newspaper installation
Dimension variable
Edition of 6

Filmstill, Marc Desgrandchamps, TEMPS MÉLANGÉS, 2009-2022
Marc Desgrandchamps Video

With this film by Judith Du Pasquier you are getting a very special insight into the studio and working process of Marc Desgrandchamps. This long term production accompanied the artists between the years 2009 to 2022.

On the occasion of his extensive solo exhibition Silhouettes at Musée des Beaux-Arts Dijon, in 2023 as well as CLAIR-OBSCUR at Abbaye – Espace d'art contemporain, Annecy and the group show Figures Seules at Lee Ufan Arles we are happy to be able to present you this view behind the scenes.

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Directed by Judith Du Pasquier
Produced by Thierry Artur / Les champs voulus
French with English subtitles

Filmstill, Alexander Klaubert, You will succeed where..., 2023
Alexander Klaubert // EIGEN + ART Lab Video

Follow us to EIGEN + ART Lab and enjoy this video of the performance within the exhibition You will succeed where I have failed. by Alexander Klaubert.

How can we learn to deal together with the subjective perception of relationships and situations, and how can a fundamentally different togetherness be shaped?
Alexander Klaubert translates these questions in his artistic work by dealing openly with his own grief, rage, and fragility and by taking us along and touching us, sometimes demandingly, sometimes reservedly. This becomes clear especially in the sensitively and precisely designed performances that are part of his spatial installations, which play an important role also in the show.

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Concept, dramaturgy: Alexander Klaubert
Performers: Caroline Beach, Francis Kussatz, Yurika Yamamoto
Music & Sound: Klaubert & Kussatz
Sound Engineer: Maxim Schmidthals

Filmstill, Olaf Nicolai, I never look at you from the place..., 2023
Olaf Nicolai Video

The exhibition I never look at you from the place from which you see me by Olaf Nicolai at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin presented a series of photographic works taken in June 2022 in Olympia, Greece. In this interview the artist is taking you with him on the journey of discovery, history, concept and is giving you great insights into this project.

The motifs are the landscape and the historical facilities of Olympia - but in anamorphic and floating distortions. They were created using a parabolic mirror - the mirror used to IGNITE the Olympic Flame by the sun's rays.

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
German / no subtitles
Upcoming: Stay tuned for English and Chinese subtitles.

#7, Kunst:Stück Podcast - Interview with Stef Heidhues, 2023
Stef Heidhues Podcast Audio

Listen to the interview with Stef Heidhues and Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement for episode 7 of the culture podcast Kunst:Stück.

Be curious about her brand new catalogue, toxic pea green, the art in the garden of the Adenauer Villa and why you shouldn't touch art in a gallery.

The podcast is about 34 min and in German.
Cover image: Kerstin Müller
Please find more information on the EHF 2010 scholar ship program here

The new catalogue as well as art works by Stef Heidhues can be discovered on our website !

Filmstill, Alva Noto, Elbphilharmonie LIVE, 2023
Alva Noto: Xerrox Selected, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg LIVE Video, Audio

Behind the pseudonym Alva Noto is the visual artist, composer and musician Carsten Nicolai. In the Elbphilharmonie he performed together with the stargaze Ensemble and André de Ridder.

Alva Noto's music begins quietly, gradually creating soundscapes that build up into monumental towers. Not surprisingly, Noto collaborated with Ryūichi Sakamoto to produce the music for the Oscar-winning feature film "The Revenant" - a slow succession of tense string chords, as bleak and cold as an icy desert. The soundtrack put him definitively at the center of international musical attention.

Live electronics: Carsten Nicolai
Stargaze Ensemble
Conductor: André de Ridder
Video production: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Please find more about the project here

Filmstill, Martin Eder, Phantasma, 2021
Martin Eder Video

"Phantasma can also be the result of the daydream for example, like you sit there on a park bench, you suddenly have an idea and out of this idea you develop a whole book, a movie or a painting." Martin Eder

In his cycle of works for his solo show “Phantasma" at our gallery in Leipzig 2021, Martin Eder introduces combinations of possible and unreal worlds whose origins lie in the depths of his subconscious. Their incorporation in the Eder cosmos’ symbolic order of intimate spaces, inhabited by chimeras, shadows, and after-images, brings Dante’s infernal scenarios to mind.

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
Music: Martin Eder, „ENCHIRIDION“, „Music for Rituals“, 2017 MUDAM Vinyl
German with Chinese subtitles.

Filmstill, Jörg Herold, Beiwerk, 1985
Jörg Herold, Beiwerk Video

Dive with us into Leipzig back in 1985, by watching this historic art film Beiwerk on the topic of work by Jörg Herold.

This film documents an action in a closed room in which "employees" had planned to re-enact a working day. The task is to clean and whitewash an empty factory building in Leipzig during 8 hours, as well as to take a break with a cultural programme. For all protagonists was a ban on talking. All in all, a pointless and exhausting activity that surrounded the heroic aura that justifies the term "work". However, the ban on speaking was avoided through gestural and onomatopoeic communication. Instead of subjecting oneself to the effort of mindless work, one immediately began to let the creative imagination run its course and to create a kind of common environment. The aim was not to rebel against the ban alone, but to go behind it and ultimately leave it to itself. The raising of the white flags ended the action.

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Jörg Herold
Beiwerk, 1985
Super 8, Black and White
8:40 min
Edition of 12
courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Concept: Jörg Herold
Actors: Gerd Harry Lybke, Jörg Herold, Frank Behrend, Götz Lehmann, Torsten Schilling, Jan Raue,Thomas Krüger
Camera: Uwe Walter

Filmstill, Kunsthändler, 2017, arte / radiobremen
40 years EIGEN + ART / Kunsthändler, 2017 Video

This great documentary from 2017 captures not just an interview with Gerd Harry Lybke (aka Judy) on his journey between Venice, Paris, Berlin and Leipzig but also interviews with artists like Neo Rauch, Marc Desgrandchamps or Ulrike Theusner.

Also get an impression of the exhibitions by Neo Rauch at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin or Mirjam Völker at Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig in 2017. And much more....

Kunsthändler, 2017, arte / radiobremen
Film by: Grit Lederer
ca. 26 min
Documentary in a series with Larry Gagosian, Paul Cassirer by arte / radiobremen
German, no subtitles

Filmstill, Lebensbilder, 1994, mdr
40 years EIGEN + ART / Lebensbilder, 1994 Video

Join us for this 29 min documentary with a 33 years old Gerd Harry Lybke (aka Judy) to all the great art fairs and exhibitions from 1991 to 1994.

Here you will not just see our booths at Art Cologne or Art Basel but also great interviews with artists we used to work with from the start, like e.g. Carsten Nicolai.

Lebensbilder, 1994, mdr
Documentary by Ulla Martinson and Jürgen Ast
ca. 29 min
German, no subtitle

Filmstill, Brett Charles Seiler, Riding In Cars With Boys, 2023
Brett Charles Seiler Video

In this video you will get great insight into the studio and working process of Brett Charles Seiler. Learn about his inspirations, materials and message.

Riding In Cars With Boys is the first solo exhibition of the South African artist in Europe. In the program of Galerie EIGEN + ART since 2021, Brett Charles Seiler lives and works in Cape Town, where he graduated from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015. Seiler's work has elements of painting, drawing, installation and object art, the use of text and language also plays a major role. Sometimes poetic, nostalgic or romantic, it is an integral part of his art or stands on its own as a work as well. In his paintings, the space is indeterminate, the figures are not located and are sketchily fleeting, the writing elements spontaneous.

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Film & Edit: TABLEAU Films (Matthias Maercks)
English. With German subtitle.

For the version with Chinese subtitle please go to our account at Vimeo here.

Filmstill, Group exhibition, 2023
4 x 4 // EIGEN + ART Lab Video

Welcome to 4 x 4, the group exhibition at EIGEN + ART Lab presenting four artistic positions from South Africa. Enjoy the tour through the show and universe of Githan Coopoo, Asemahle Ntlonti, Natalie Paneng and Guy Simpson.

Through their art, these artists bring to you their views of life. Take your time. At first, they may seem soothing. Though the second, the third or the fourth view could also be uncomfortable. But it will be fun, too, promise. Let the meet and greet begin!

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Camera + Editing: Paul Ott
Music: Nosmo King - Im Hier und Jazz

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