The current exhibition at the EIGEN + ART Lab is showing different positions of three young international artists in the fields of painting, drawing, photography and installation.

Isabelle Borges, born in Brazil in 1966, describes in her abstract paintings the search after a space. She is not thinking of an empty space, as a space between A and B but rather as a certain kind of moved material, which evades our visual, eye-driven reality by turning and being folded several times in many different layers and conditions. The spatiality, which is presented by her arises from the folding of moved surfaces. She is not only dealing with the question concerning a space, but also with pictorial worlds, which she is party integrating as newspaper scraps and other printed images in her paintings.

Osvaldo Budet, born in Puerto Rico in 1979, deals in his drawings and photographs with the impact of human interventions in the Arctic. He was able to experience these during his expedition together with the „Alfred Wegener Institut for Polar-and Meeresforschung" in Ny-Alesd as an artist in residency. Budet is questioning the romantic era of Polar Exploration and that which has come to pass with mans relation to the natural world in his mixed media paintings and drawings. The visible scars and human impact in the landscape of the Arctic are as well part of his documentation and examination. In his artistic work, Budet constructed ʻnew realitiesʼ and changed the images to create vistas, which encompass the beauty of the wilderness we expect to find in this region. By eliminating all visible human impact and activity in the landscape, which he is documenting in his photographs, Budet is questioning the social and political implications of our technocratic society's management of our resources and lands in such fragile parts of the world. Parallel to this, Budet's drawings show exactly that, which has been cleared or eliminated.

Adina Posescu Nr. III
Adina Popescu is showing a site-specific installation - developed especially for the EIGEN + ART Lab – in the current exhibition. In her work, she is dealing with readability, space and language. A floor installation made out of sharp-edged, lacquered steel and a three-pieces steel work, installed on the wall, are standing in contrast to text and audio-fragments. The themes of language, formalisation of language, the effect of language and respectively the capacity for manipulation are recurring subjects of her works.

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