Brett Charles Seiler


Brett Charles Seiler

born 1994 in Simbabwe
lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa


graduate at The Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town

Solo exhibitions


How I forgot the colours of the rainbow, SMITH, Cape Town


More Scared Of What Was In The Closet Than What Was Underneath My Bed, CIRCA Gallery, Cape Town


Macho Man, Tell It To My Heart, AVA Gallery, Cape Town

Group exhibitions


Rohkunstbau 27 – Zukunft. Ins Offene, Schloss Altdöbern, Germany
In Between Dreams, Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin
Das Eigene im Fremden, Museum Bensheim, germany


Space and Place, Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig
In Your Shadow - Masking Realities, SMAC, Cape Town


The Spectacle, THEFOURTH, Cape Town


Emphatic Whispers, SMITH, Cape Town
Winter 2019, Everard Read, Cape Town
Home Affairs, Waterfront Docks, Cape Town
UTSIDE, Riebeek Kastel Gallery, Cape Town


One Straight Hour performed for The Main Complaint, Zeitz MOCCA, Cape Town
Sunday Service, GUS, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Unfair, The Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town
The Edge of a Thread, Eclectica Contemporary, Cape Town
Close Encounters, SMITH, Cape Town
Not Really, Previously Known As, Cape Town
Multiplicities Vol1: Continuous Unknowing, Assembly Room, NYC, New York, USA


Closer than Ever, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town
Performance Night, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town
One Week, AVA Gallery, Cape Town
Young Now, Hazard Gallery, Johannesburg
Hold, The Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town
You and I, A4 Foundation, Kapstadt, Südafrika Dislocation, Everard Read, Cape Town
Salon Show, AVA Gallery, Cape Town
ABSA Atelier Top 100 finalists, ABSA Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa


Falling Into One Another, Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town
New Monuments, Commune.1, Cape Town
Winter Collection, Everard Read, Cape Town
One Zero Seven, 107 Long market Street, Cape Town
The Ties That Bind, Bend, Break, Secret Dungeon, NYC, New York, USA
Lip Service with Khanya Mashabela, Open Dialogue Box, Cape Town
Sorry! Please Try Again, The Palms Center, Cape Town
Reading Homophobia with Luvuyo Nyawose, performance, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town