Außer der Reihe

Isabelle Borges (Berlin)
Alex Lebus (Dresden)
Philip Seibel (Düsseldorf)
Carsten Sievers (Berlin)

Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig
March 12 through April 19, 2014
Opening: March 12, 2014, 11 am - 21 pm

Isabelle Borges
(*1966 in Salvador, Brasilien / lives and works in Berlin)

The paintings by Isabelle Borges are based on a pure formal composition. Color fields are structured in different ways, causing a visual rhythm and a dynamic which set the viewers eye in motion. The irregularly arranged fields are composed in convolutions that give the impression of three-dimensionality. In that way Borges creates spaces without any kind of volume but movement. Initially forms appear as strict geometric but by using techniques of different structures and sketching Borges transforms her paintings into dynamic compositions which are set in motion. (Marc Wrasse)

2013 the arrow of time, Museo Brasileiro da Escultura / MUBE, Sao Paulo, Brasil (S), mixed signals / part I, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin (G), mixed signals / part II, Kunstverein Ulm (G) 2012 Sommerrock – lange Nacht der Kunst, G.A.S. Ahrenshoop (G), peer to peer, Projektraum tête, Berlin (G), absolut new works, Projektraum Gipsstr.14, Berlin (G) 2011 Der unsagbare Raum, Kunstverein Meiningen (S), Ich bin ein Berliner, Dezer Schauhalle, Miami, USA (G) 2010 Berliner Salon, Europäischer Kunsthof Vicht, Stolberg-Vicht, Aachen (G) 2009 Alpha, Pilot Projekt für Kunst, Düsseldorf (G), Positionen 09 - 47 Internationale Künstler, Das Seewerk, Moers (G) 2007 Arcadia, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, GB (G) 2002 Pinturas, Brazilian Embassy, Berlin (S) 2000 Museu da República, Rio de Janeiro

Alex Lebus
(*1980 in Magdeburg / lives and works in Dresden)

Main content in Alex Lebus' art work is the human beeing as an individual on his search for identity and the self-estrangement through external manipulation. Lebus treats the backsides of mirrors in a way that just some parts remain mirroring. On the front sides she applies words and signs, using them as mediators. Parts that actually are hidden become both visual and the essential element of the art work. The mirror reflection creates a particular closeness between the viewer and the art work. There is a connection between the image of the viewer and the pieces, containing its written message. The result is an interplay between certain levels – front and back side – the right way up or upside down – truth and false – beeing and illusion. The human beeing and his image in the mirror both meld and grow apart at the same time.

2014 EmergeAndSee ### instant, Vierte Welt, Zentrum Kreuzberg, Berlin (G) 2013 SCHOOLS OF ART, Holden Gallery, Manchester (G), Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder, C.ROCKEFELLER, Center for the Contemporary Art, Dresden (G), 35. Internationale Hollfelder Kunstausstellung, Hollfeld (G), Haut, Oktogon, Dresden (G) 2012 World Records, Rogue, Manchester (G), 8 aus 48, Richard Haizmann Museum, Niebüll (G), Ostrale´012, Ostragehege, Dresden (G) 2011 „Die einzigen Fremden hier seid doch ihr!", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (G), Jóvenes artistas de Dresden, El Taller de Arte, Tías / Isla de Lanzarote (G), COOP6, Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt am Main (G) 2010 X?, In Zusammenarbeit mit Robert Brandes, Senatssaal, HfBK Dresden (G), HE CAN, Runde Ecke, Dresden (G) Klassentreffen – Sieben Hochschulklassen zu Gast in Wedding, secondhome projects, Berlin

Philip Seibel
(*1980 in Hagen / lives and works in Düsseldorf)

Philip Seibel's works are leaving the impression of something present, hard to classify. The actual visibility of how a piece got created is standing in the background. Seibel works with layers of applied and removed colors, stains and varnishes. The grains of the veneers play an important role for the outcome: they remain visible as compositional frameworks and become patterns of rhythmic overlay. Seibel covers the natural structure of the veneers with the structure of painting or even replaces it completely. In this way the enclosed surfaces cover up the origination process.

2013 Totale 6, Kunstverein Maschinenhaus, Essen (S), Viola Bittl, Stef Heidhues, Philip Seibel, Eigen+Art Lab, Berlin (G), Modern and compact Atmosphere, Studio 1.1, London (G), 2012 Erkennung eines Lächelns (mit Lukas Schmenger), Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf (S), Ein Überblick, Ausstellung der aktuellen EHF-Stipendiaten, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin (G), Ich wittre Morgenluft, KIT, Düsseldorf (G), 2011 Schädler, Ringstube, Mainz (S), Single-Museum, Kunstraum Düsseldorf (G), Die Lügnerin, with David Ostrowski, Format:C, Düsseldorf (G), 2010 Pulsholz, Bar im Schmela Haus (K20), Düsseldorf (S), Additions and Subtractions, 304 days, Vancouver, Kanada (G), Blicke ausradiert, Maschinenhaus, Essen (G), You can leave your hat on, Gallery Hasen Projekt, Schmela Haus (K20), Düsseldorf (G), Landschaften, Städtisches Kaufhaus, Leipzig (G), 2009 Philip Seibel, Grau6, Düsseldorf (S)

Carsten Sievers
(*1969 in Frankfurt am Main / lives and works in Berlin)

Carsten Sievers works can be seen as conceptual arrangements which build on a very reduced toolset of artistic resources and simple but strict manipulations. Twisting, deviding, folding or mirroring are part of the process, as well as simple artistic settings such as geometric lines or basic form sculpturing. Out of these basic procedures arise complex pattern formations which allow a transformation from surface to the room, from sketching to sculpture, from sculpture to object and from object to installation.
(Astrid Ihle)

2014 UND, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (S) 2013 on paper, Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin (G), 2012 nekton, schaufenster, Berlin (G), 2010 situation 47, Artschwager, Borofsky, Monk, Sievers, Turk, Bleibtreu Galerie, Berlin (G), lessness 2 // schwund, oqbo, Berlin (S), 2009 situation 44, Buren, LeWitt, Palermo, Rose, Sievers, Bleibtreu Galerie, Berlin (G), 2008 paperfile 2, oqbo, Berlin (G), 2005 Playground, Artplay, Moskau (G), sapienti sat, Galerie Heimspiel, Frankfurt/Main (S), 2004/05 SKULPTUR, Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig (G), 2003 quiproquo, AedesEast Pavillon, Berlin (S), 2001 Sievers, Angelov, Stuth, Museum Zwickau, Zwickau (G), 2000 Satellit- Z2000 Akademie Der Künste, Berlin (G), Mysliwska, Bethanien, Berlin (G)