Nyima 402, 2009
Pigment print on canvas
111,5 x 165 cm


Annelies Štrba
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin
21.01.2010 - 20.0

The gallery EIGEN + ART Berlin is presenting the solo exhibition "icons" by Annelies Štrba beginning on the 21st of January, 2010. 111 Madonnas are extracted from their originally religious context thus presented as tiny pigment prints on canvas as if they would live among us. Thereby the holly Madonna is no more the sacrificed mother giving birth to Jesus, but a transformation of her. Annelies Štrba took away her uniqueness, placed the prints like mosaics side by side and gave them a new aura. Facing the viewer as a mighty unity, he believes to be close to them. Nevertheless, he realises the impossibility of a true physical nearness to the pretty faces almost painfully by the reason that the conditional intensity of colour and light is destructed.
However gravity, which involves the viewer immediately is radiated by the dormant Madonnas. A feeling of "the completely unfathomable'" appears and questions of the existential arise. Large-scale formats, parts from the cycle "Nyima", follow the exhibition of the 111 Madonnas. The pictures of Nyimas increase the experience of the "unreachable". Here the mainly recumbent girls are embedded in a world in which they are not at home.