Bronze, 2-parts
123 x 98 x 40 cm / 9 x 22 x 8 cm,
Edition: 3


Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin
16.05.2009 - 04.07.2009


to zero
go back to the starting position
bring it to the basic position

To sweep, to mop, to clear, swapping terms, to dig deeper, to question. The dream of zero-point. Cleaning utensils made of bronze, an empty room.

The cleaning mop symbolises the meaning of botching and lining, for a quick-made beautiful shine. In its function as a cleaning tool it works like an image, transferring a wish to clearify, it stands for the angry dirt in which my sculptures develop and the slowness and incalculability which I, again and again, demand from them. I never just transfer an idea or only let produce it but I develop the sculptures step by step. I clearify and dissolve the language of the images, until they become independent. Incalculability and destruction are thereby as important as assurance and percise formulation. I coninue dealing with construction and destruction, I am smutching and cleaning. In the transmitting as well as in the concrete and banal sense of the everyday battle of material in a sculptor's studio. Sculptures have their own worldly innocent calculation of times.

Stella Hamberg, May 2009