Jana Schulz
Home Series
January 8 - February 5, 2022
Opening: Saturday, January 8, 12am - 7pm
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig / Schaulager

"In 2020, when Covid largely emptied out or closed the (semi-)public social spaces in Berlin, I went out and talked to men on the street to ask if I could go along with them to their homes, bringing my camera with me. In this time, I embarked on a new video project, Home Series, portraits of young men in their apartments. I met my first protagonist, Ashley Temba, on Alexanderplatz. In Home Series there is a stronger focus than before on my relationship with my counterpart. The work centres on how the other person is approached, as the dynamic shifts between distance, closeness and intimacy. In this open process the feeling of uncertainty on both sides plays a key role, while also facilitating a candid approach. Time assumes an important role here in establishing mutual trust. I deliberately work without a precise concept, using the camera to observe everyday situations."

Jana Schulz about her video work Home Series