Exhibition view, Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig 

Ricarda Roggan
Creatures of the 20th Century
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig
17.01.2009 - 18.04.2009


The exhibition, "Creatures of the 20th Century" displays one of the newest series of the Leipzig photographer Ricarda Roggan. After finishing Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst with a diploma at Timm Rautert, she continued her studies at Royal College of Art in London.

The works of the series ‚Garage’ demonstrate damaged auto bodies, that have been rearranged from an old factory into an abandoned industry building in the Leipzig hinterland. The analog photos that have been taken at the hall still have the vague impression of former promotional shots. However this interpretation of the aesthetic is rather superficial and overlaid with dust, deformation of the surfaces and the insufficiency of the surrounding where its placed. Displaced from its original use and environment they cleave through the dark like abysmal creatures of modern times.

The adjustment of the sense of the well known from daily routine is theamatized already in her earlier series such as ‚Stuhl, Tisch und Bett’ from 2002 or ‚ATTIKA’ from 2006. Similar to ‚Garage’ the series ‚Bäume’ from 2008 displays extracts of a forest that create an almost impermeable density for the human eye to follow the combination of authenticity and artificiality. Besides the ubiquitous loss of capacity of the pictured this is leading towards an aestheticisation that opens up to an assumably known view beeing transformed by photography.

Concerning the current series ‚Garage’ and ‚Bäume’ a catalogue is published at Prestel. The publication consists of 64 pages and 20 images and all photos are accompanied by a text of Falk Haberkorn.