Oil, Acrylic on Canvas,
290 x 460 cm (2-parts), 2007


David Schnell
Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig
28.04.2007 - 25.08.2007 


David Schnell paints landscapes with a one-point perspective. The composition of the picture not only defines the structure of the pictorial plane but also the way we look at it. Central perspective creates a vanishing point that gives viewers an orientation and determines our interpretation of what we see.

David Schnell has assiduously studied the emergence of one-point perspective and the discovery of landscape in the Renaissance, as well as Petrarch´s description of the ascent of Mont Ventoux. In addition, he is no stranger to computer animation, videogames and cyberspace. His work provides an extremely well-founded and also very contemporary answer to the question of representing three dimensions on a two-dimensional planeSpace and time as clearly defined orders have now been completely subverted: Schnell pushes several vanishing points into one another and fills the entire picture space with detached architectural elements, as well clouds, colours, leaves, light and - as if it could be painted - the scent of a stormy spring day. It seems, while looking at the picture, that it is beginning to move around me or that I am moving within it. There´s that feeling again: someone is flying around. There´s no doubt about it: gravity is not going to get the better of David Schnell.(Tina Schulz)