Sven Braun

Daniel Lezama

Marcel Odenbach

Cornelia Parker

Kai Schiemenz


Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig

14 January 2012 – 14 April 2012

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Sven Braun (*1968 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz, lives and works in Leipzig) studied painting at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in the class of Prof. Arno Rink. In his new works, the human figure and graphic objects are emerging on the foreground of his multilayered paintings that stand out due to their subtle play with the trompe l'oeuil. Not only in terms of motifs, but also regarding meanings, habits of seeing and theoretic categories he thereby questions the relation between image and reproduction, appearance and reality.

Daniel Lezama (* 1968 in Mexico City, lives and works in Mexico City) is one of the most renowned contemporary artists of Mexico. His surreal paintings interrelate scenes of the Mexican mythology and history with motives taken from travel descriptions of famous explorers and expeditors of the 19th century. He thereby creates an unofficial history of Mexico which he tells by citing key scenes from the regional history combined with events from his own biography using an abundance of allegories and poetical metaphors.

Marcel Odenbach (*1953 in Cologne, since 2010 Professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, lives and works in Cologne) is internationally acknowledged as one of the most important German video artists. His work stands paradigmatic for a continuing critique of the societal conditions, especially within Germany, and is combined into installative collages of film, sound and texts for which he usually chooses literary or proverbial sounding titles.

The videosculpture "Niemand ist mehr dort, wo er anfing" (no-one is where he first started) is referring to Odenbach's first exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART in 1990 and deals with the upheavals of the „Wende" which he witnessed during visits to Leipzig.

Cornelia Parker
(*1956 in Cheshire, lives and works in London) works in various media demonstrating both cultural and historical violence through hyper-aesthetic and nearly idyllic snap-shots in installations and photographic works. The Bullet Drawings shown in the exhibition POSITIONS are made of lead bullets that have been melted and drawn into wire. From a distance, the delicate grids seem like fine pencil drawings recalling minimal art, but behind the surface they reveal their previously violent origin and visualise both the bullet and its own trajectory at the same time.

Kai Schiemenz
(*1966 in Erfurt, lives and works in Berlin and New York) questions the function and the given parameters of architecture which he both uses and slightly shifts in expansive installations and constructions. At Galerie EIGEN + ART he mirrors the original room in order to create a new space. This new space seems to be broken up no optically, but spatially and faces the question of the disciplinary function of architecture with something that follows its own rules, independently.