Nadja Bournonville, Alex Lebus, Titus Schade, Jakub Šimčik
To be continued
November 4 – November 29, 2014
Opening: Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 5 - 9 pm


Under the title To be continued, the artists Nadja Bournonville, Alex Lebus, Titus Schade, and Jakub Šimčik will be shown with current works in the EIGEN + Art Lab from 4 November to 29 November 2014. The exhibition's title already hints at it: after three years, this will be the last exhibition of the temporary EIGEN + ART Lab in the rooms of the former Jewish Girls' School. The Lab concludes its work on this site with the presentation of these four young artists.

Nadja Bournonville (born in 1983 in Sweden, lives and works in Berlin) is a photographer. Her work is analog and developed in a photo lab. Its focus is on the act of transformation, on, staging, and on the attempt at photographic documentation. Ideas, information, and images are interpreted and transposed into a new world of images.

Titus Schade (born in 1984 in Leipzig, lives and works in Leipzig) addresses the image and pictorial space in his work as a painter. In sceneries reminiscent of backdrops, he develops sites that oscillate between model and stage situations. His works do not deal with reality, but make use of fragments of it, ordering them anew in a self-contained world.

The central theme of the works of Alex Lebus (born in 1980 in Magdeburg, lives and works in Berlin) is the human being as an individual in his search for identity and in his alienation from himself as a result of external manipulation. Alex Lebus places mediating words and signs on mirrors, windows, and surfaces. The result is an interplay of levels – front and back, undistorted and backward, truth and lie, appearance and being.

Jakub Šimčik (born in 1984 in Ostrava, lives and works in Leipzig). With his cinematic works, the Swedish citizen born in Czechoslovakia moves at the interface of the story of his own origin, the theme of migration, and cultural identity. The selection of films shown is also a kind of collage and juxtaposition of the dream of a better life with personally experienced tragedy.