Akos Birkas


Akos Birkas (born 1941) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest from 1959 through 1965. His abstract portraits are reckoned among the most significant artworks by Hungarian artists since the 1970s.

His works are based on newspaper photographs from the daily press collected over a long period of time. In these he observes political, social topics and considering the further editing of photography as a reflection of societal events.

In his paintings he wants to figure out the arranged truth of the mediatized pictures. The painting supports the establishment of the truth, which is related to the slow development process of painting; in a way he is retaining, preserving a moment of the fast media-world.

Very characteristic for his work are the large-size and the expressive colour structure. The paintings open up the viewer electric atmosphere, carefully arranged scenes, where everyday situations, out of political events are treated. 

Altmann, Susanne: Im Wandel, Januar 2017