Birgit Brenner


Birgit Brenner’s installations, videos and drawings deal with social and private impacts and the monotony of every day life. Her socially critical works circle around topics like injustice, failure, force, monitoring, promises of happiness, fear and loneliness. These universal themes are condensed in straightforward images, to reflect our world.

The artist created her very own imagery without any restrictions to certain media. Taken from everyday-situations, Birgit Brenner illustrates the societal fears that are quite familiar to everyone by setting up scenarios between couples or inner monologues of the protagonists. This way, extensive installations are constructed of photography, carton, wood and texts - but also intimate drawings and video projections. With confrontation of analogue and digital viewing patterns, of perfection and do-it-yourself, of real life and artistic construction she is giving comments to current important subjects.

Birgit Brenner (*1964) studied in the class of Professor Rebecca Horn at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin and graduated as a master student in 1996. Since 2007 she is appointed to a professorship for Visual Arts, Photography, Drawing and New Media at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart. Birgit Brenner received the award „Wolfsburger Kunstpreis“ 2020, the Scholarship of art at Villa Massimo, Rome and took part in many national and international exhibitions.


Brigitte Werneburg, The Semantics of Crisis: Birgit Brenner's analytical installations of everyday life, published in:, dem online-Kunstmagazin der Deutschen Bank, March 2009.