Igor Hosnedl


Igor Hosnedl (born 1988, CZ) studied from 2007 - 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in and outisde of the Czech Republic, for example at Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Galerie Jelení, Prague, Cafe under the lindens, Prague, Studio of Ladislav Šaloun, Prague and Kunstraum PS120, Berlin. Most recently, he exhibited at Downs & Ross, New York with the solo exhibition „The Opening of the Wells“ and at the EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin, with the solo exhibition „Hundred liters of diet ink“ and at Hunt Kastner in Prague.

The works evoke striking images with an amazing color palette. Floral patterns, female figures with flowing hair and shiny surfaces and vases containing flowers sitting atop pastel colored side tables merge into a clinical total work of art in the space. However, closer inspection of the perfect surfaces reveal cuts and abrasions. Igor Hosnedl deals in the surreal, though his artworks are more emotionally ambiguous, veering from sensual and serene, to quietly sinister through variations of colour and line. Each invented landscape feels vaguely familiar and yet alien at the same time.