Kai Schiemenz


Kai Schiemenz (*1966 in Erfurt, lives and works in Berlin) focuses in his works on the city, space, and architecture and on the regulating function that these constructs carry out on people. His small-format sculptures are self-enclosed structures that combine digital techniques with natural materials like wood or paper. At the same time, they serve as models for spatially expansive installations and architectures for interiors and exteriors, in which Schiemenz uses lines of sight to construct spaces whose permeability enables them to involve the viewer directly. At the center is always the question of the influence of the built surroundings and the urban landscape on people.

Altmann, Susanne: STEINE! STEINE?, for the exhibition "STONES" at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, November 2016

Jaehn, Sebastian: Free Seating, March 2016