Kristina Schuldt


Something or someone is always in motion in the images of Kristina Schuldt (*1982 in Moscow, lives and works in Leipzig). People - mostly women -, body parts, hair, plants. She works with a repertoire of forms and styles that is reminiscent of what she might have seen somewhere, but does not reveal whether it was an image from the internet, a photo from a magazine, a situation on the street or a figure from an illustrated book on classical modernism or cubism. Because in parts all these sources find their way into her paintings. The movement and energy in her work result not only from the melting body shapes, the strong, tubular legs and hands surrounded by virulent swirls of colour, but also from a principle that has been used in painting since Modernism: multi-perspective. In her more recent work, Schuldt has been placing image fragments next to each other, as if zooming in and out of the picture, fragmenting the surface into blurred details consisting only of abstract colour gradients, or reinserting parts that belong together in different places on the canvas, as if in a jumbled puzzle. Or like the square images on Instagram that have become a visual habit of our society.

Extract from a text by Leonie Pfennig