Nina Fischer / Maroan el Sani


Fischer & el Sanis work is a constant examination and survey of the transition between times and eras by the means of photography and video. They wander on the historic traces of urban events and points of orientation that stand for this transition and thereby question the rise and fall of modernity and the close relationship between our contemporary society and utopian projects, that drive the course of history from the past into the future. Places that once used to be important centres of political culture and avant-garde art nowadays often become more or less blind spots. Fischer & el Sani's goal is to bring those places back into our conscience, but in altered, mystified states: They are no longer utopian, neither obsolete, but just not newly defined.

Being called professors at Sapporo City University since 2007 leads them to Japan time and again, where some of their recent works were developed.

NinaFischer/Maroan el Sani: Spirits closing their eyesChris Piallat: Impero dei segniGabriele Knapstein: Erinnerungen an die ZukunftThomas Wulffen: The Rise.Boris Groys: Die Aura der profanen Erleuchtung.Krystian Woznicki: Im Cockpit der Repräsentation.Jörg Heiser: Phantom Zukunft.