Gerd Harry Lybke

Elke Hannemann
Senior Director / Leipzig
Gallery Director

Franziska Jaster
Senior Director / Leipzig

Felix von Haselberg
Director / Berlin

Jakob Schäfer
Director / EIGEN + ART Lab

Hannah-Constanze Grabner
Director of Communications / Berlin

Lisa Schütz
Press / Berlin

Jana Hampel
Registrar / Berlin

Anja Meinhold
Registrar / Leipzig

Janna Kadel
Registrar / Leipzig

Marcel Gerbrecht
Art Handler / Berlin

Kerstin Wahala
Senior Partner

Astrid Hamm
Senior Director / Berlin

Christian Ehrentraut
Senior Director / Berlin

Luisa Wiesenbach
Director / Berlin

Shao-Yi Hou
Director / Berlin

Johanna Schnell
Assistant to Kerstin Wahala / Berlin

Tobias Vogl
Assistant to Gerd Harry Lybke / Berlin

Judith Hildebrand
Front Office / Berlin

Elsa Terenzani
Assistant to Elke Hannemann / Leipzig

Britta Grüter
Head of Finance and Controlling / Berlin

Beate Grandke
Accounting Manager / Berlin

Petra Derksen
Finance / Berlin

We are pleased that we will be able to reopen the gallery spaces in Berlin and Leipzig, as well as the EIGEN + ART Lab, for you from March 9th, while observing the protective measures. You can book a visit to the respective location under the following link.
In Berlin and in Leipzig, a negative corona test is obligatory.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!